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Factory Automation

GENMACS Security Automation is a security automation company established in 2014. One of the main activities of our company in the "Industrial Automation" and "Factory Automation Systems" Our goal is to provide top-level automation solutions to our customers in Turkey and all over the world.

Especially, it is demanded that factories produce more products in a shorter time and product costs should be at the lowest level. For this, it is necessary to reduce the manpower and minimize the accidents and accidents. Automation systems have gained great importance and value for this. When factory automation is done, the factory can be monitored from a single center and any desired point can be controlled. Analog values such as temperature, pressure, pH, level can be monitored simultaneously. These values can also be viewed graphically. It can be controlled from computer with SCADA system and it can be monitored and controlled at the desired point in the world via internet.

The factory has a wide range of automation. They have different processes. For this purpose, EOS designs the desired factory automation in accordance with the desired process and the flow of the factory. The first step in factory automation is to clearly define the desired process and scenario. After this, the necessary infrastructure and backbone for the plant automation are prepared and the electrical projects are prepared according to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision) standards. Depending on the electrical project prepared, PLC or DCS software is started to be written. When the software is finished, it is loaded into PLC or DCS.

All kinds of tests are done in our factory. It is transferred to the factory area after the tests. Electrical connections are made in the factory such as motor, sensor, switch. In addition, connections are made in the panel. Then the system is activated. Controls are performed and the operation of the system is monitored.